Shamrock Plant Rooter


Plant Rooter – Shamrock Design USA Made *Free Gift with every order!”


Beautiful Roots Plant Rooter to use for your indoor plants. You can root or grow your plants in this ROOTS Plant Rooter. Hangs from a curtain rod or hook.


Replacement Bulbs Available. Replacement Bulbs will fit all Roots Plant Rooters


Made using copper rod which has been lacquered to prevent patina. (changing colors) Wood Pieces turned and branded with WWW.PLANTROOTERS.COM in case you need to contact us.

Complete instruction sheet with every order.


If this is a gift, please specify gift card sentiment. There is no pricing sent with any gift order.


Carefully unwrap the fragile (glass) bulb. Hold bulbs by the wooden base & place the bottom hole of the wooden base on the prongs. Push hole securely on prongs with twisting motion. Fill with water. Use a cutting 6″ or longer. Remove lower leaves before putting cutting in to bulb. As the plant grows, wrap it around the frame. Once roots develop you can transplant to soil OR keep the plant in your ROOTS Plant Rooter where it will continue to grow. Excessive roots should be trimmed to fit inside the bulb.

Water MUST be completely changed as soon as it becomes cloudy.


Cleaning the bulb is easy – simply take the plant out of the bulb (put in a cup of water), fill the bulb with water and drop a denture type cleaning tablet in or fill with vinegar & water. Do not use any invasive tool to clean the bulb.


Use your favorite rooting plant or all varieties of Ivy, spider plant, philodendron, herbs, african violet, even artificial plants look lovely !


Listing for plant rooter only. Plants are a separate option.


Copper is lacquered it should not tarnish

14″ copper hanger included Dimensions 16″ x 5″ x 6″


Great Wedding/shower, birthday, Mother’s/Father’s Day, Christmas or any special occasion.

Check out my website ! WWW.PLANTROOTERS.COM

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