Suction Vases and Flower Arrangers

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Ten Bulb Glass Flower Arranger. Hanging/Table Top


Beautiful ten bulb clear glass flower arranger.

Three sets of three bulbs adhered together and one standing bulb (used for table-top addition). Hanging tool also included.

Instructions for Use:   Before use, carefully rinse each vase with water to remove glass dust.  Fill each vase to right below the neck of the bulb.  Use tap water for fresh flowers or root starts; use distilled water for artificial flowers.  Be certain to cut all flower stems the same length. It is important to prepare flowers before inserting them into the vase openings.

Cleaning Instructions:  Simply clean using a denture cleansing tablet.  Following the directions on the package.  After cleaning rinse with water. Important:  Never put vase in dishwasher or use any invasive tool (bottle brush). Vases are glass and fragile.

Use Caution in Handling:  Never pick up vase by only one vase after water has been added.  When moving vase place hand under bottom of vase to give firm even support.

Thank you and Enjoy!


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